Local ED Organizational Audit
Are you organized to achieve success or just well enough to stay in business?
The backbone of productivity is organizational efficiency and effectiveness. Change is often hard to institute from within because it is easier to operate historically. Having built and operated numerous economic development organizations from the ground up, Wayne Sterling is adept at identifying opportunities for rapid improvement. This intensive two/three day analysis provides a report detailing the internal processes and substantive changes that will promote higher productivity and return on investment.

Competitive Assessment
Who is your competition and why does it seem you are always on the losing end?
You’d like to know why projects consistently slip away from you. You need to find opportunities to differentiate and elevate your marketing and your products in order to facilitate market interest. Sterling Economic Development Consultants can assist you in understanding more about your deficiencies and assets as it relates to your competitive position. Our investigative team will provide the research and conclusions you need to make the appropriate changes in your marketing and product offerings in order to compete effectively.

Community Marketing
Do the right people know about your community? Are you sending out a consistent message?
Websites, trade shows, mission trips, social messaging, presentation materials, brochures; the communication tools you have at your disposal are extensive. It’s important that the right information is consistently presented in a professional manner. Effective marketing takes planning, time and manpower. Whether you are searching for a roadmap to marketing success or a partner to help you initiate and maintain a credible marketing program, Sterling Economic Development Consultants can build and, if you desire, execute a viable plan that meets your budget and goals.

Community Development Strategies
Do you need to evaluate and refocus your economic development efforts in order to experience success?
Sterling Economic Development Consultants will bring a team to your community and spend time reviewing your organizational structure and processes, your marketing efforts and the products that you have available. We will look at opportunities presented by regional economic drivers, your existing industry and prospective clusters, as well as local demographic trends. After this three week analysis, our presentation to you will include a very detailed strategic plan focused on achieving your economic development goals.

Interim ED Staffing
Do you need temporary leadership during a transition period or guidance for a start-up?
The team at Sterling Economic Development Consultants can fill your leadership void and strengthen your community’s efforts while you initiate your management search process. Don’t let your competitors win projects while you are busy reorganizing your staff. Bring in a proven professional who knows how to close deals.


Contract Research and Negotiation
Is your company searching for a new corporate location?
Perhaps logistics and demographics are creating a demand for additional locations, or circumstances may dictate a need for a new corporate headquarters, Sterling Economic Development Consultants can help you identify sites that fulfill your requirements. Providing a complete package of services, from analyzing infrastructure and workforce availability to negotiating local, regional and state incentives, our team will partner with your company to find options that are ideal for your needs.

Facility/Site Redevelopment and Marketing
Do you have properties that are underutilized or vacant?
Let us analyze your assets and provide you with a plan for best utilizing company properties. Sterling Economic Development Consultants will research and tour your land and facilities, comparing all possible opportunities in order to identify the most effective use. A plan will be provided that identifies market strategies and associated action items for improving the property’s marketability. Sterling Economic Development Consultants is also available to partner with you on implementation of the marketing plan in order to accelerate activity.

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